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Start Date: 2020-03-16
Type of Activity: 1 Mile Walk, Running, Virtual Run, Walking
More details: Virtual Option

Did you know that by 2050, 40% of the global population will face water scarcity without direct access to clean water? You can make a difference by joining thousands around the world in a weeklong "Worldwide Walk for Water"! 

When: March 16-22, 2020  (This is a weeklong event leading up to World Water Day (March 22)).

What: As an individual or with a group (of any size!), we challenge you to walk at least one mile for clean water AND to walk with a purpose! Choose one of the following (or all 3!) for your purpose that week:

1) on your walk...pick up trash along a waterway (river, creek, lake, ocean etc.) to help keep our water sources clean

2) on your walk...plant trees in your neighborhood or community to help recharge groundwater (and much more!)

3) on your walk...raise awareness of the 200 million+ people who are walking an average of 4 miles per day for their water. We have educational materials for you and your group can also choose to carry containers of water during your walk.

Where: In your own neighborhood or community.  If you are picking up trash, where is a good place for your walk? If you are planting trees, contact a local environmental organization (or we will help you find one!) to coordinate a tree-planting day that week. Get creative and ask others to join in! Hold a walk with your club or co-workers over lunch or for happy hour, coordinate a walk with educational stops (we will send you materials) at your school or through your town. 

How: Register here today (it is never too early to register!) 

You are joining thousands around the world in a weeklong call to action to protect clean water worldwide! Thank you for being a part of an amazing week!