3800 St Elmo Ave 114 Chattanooga TN 37409 US
Start Date: 2020-02-08
Type of Activity: Rucking, Running, Walking
More details: Teams


The Chattanooga Brew Ruck Challenge (CBRC) will be a combination of rucking, lifting, thinking and drinking (optional).  

             NEW THIS YEAR: 

             1)  There will be a specific order in which breweries are visited.  All TEAMS will be issued the first brewery location during the team meeting.  Then the next brewery location will not be given until a specific task has been completed.  At each brewery TEAMS will be given a specific task to complete, if your TEAM gets it right you will receive the next brewery location and be on your way.  If your TEAM gets the task wrong, a penalty will be issued to which the TEAM must complete before receiving the next brewery location.  It pays to be a winner!  

             2)  There will be some beer trivia, so sharpen up your beer knowledge.   

Now in it's second year, the event will take place on February 8th, 2020.  It will be similar to last years' but with a few additions thrown in.  This years' version will still have the physical component but there will also be an educational component included.  Don't worry you won't need a PhD.  

The event will consist of rucking (aka: hiking with weight) to several breweries around Chattanooga as fast as possible on either a 2 or 4-person Team.   Make no mistake, this event is a ruck challenge, so you will need to have some fitness, however, the most important factor is that you have fun.  You're going to be carrying weight, you may be consuming beer (your choice), and you will be doing this with your friends over the course of at least 14 miles so expect to have some lasting memories (at least the ones you can remember).  


This is a TEAM challenge.  You can only sign up as a 2-person TEAM or a 4-person TEAM.

  • Please note:  only 1 person (Team Captain) is required to register your Team.  He/she will create a password during registration.  He/she can, however, fill out all other Team members information, or he/she can give the Team password to each member to log in and fill out his/her information.  Once the Team is created and registration has been paid, no one else will need to pay.  
  • After registering: Teams are REQUIRED to follow ChattanoogaBrewRuck on Instagram and must do a comms check by typing "Checking-In"  and tagging @chattanoogabrewruck

The start location will be The Tap House (same location as last year).  TEAMS are encouraged to park in the Naked River Brewing parking lot, 1791 Reggie White Blvd Chattanooga, TN 37408, as there will be a shuttle to take TEAMS to The Tap House at 9:30am.  There is a fee to park here and I believe it's only $10 for all day.  This parking lot will be where you finish, at Naked River Brewing, so when you are done with the event you will be able to easily change clothes.  You may also park one car at Naked River Brewing and drive another car to The Tap House and park, if you have two vehicles.

There will be a MANDATORY team meeting held at 10:30am at The Tap House.  During the team meeting, each TEAM will be issued a set of rules with instructions, and the specific brewery #hashtags that will need to be included with your TEAM selfie photos to post on Instagram. 

***IMPORTANT***  Prior to the event start ALL TEAMS must create a unique Team Name on Instagram, do NOT use your personal IG pageTeams that participated last year may use the same Team Name or create a new one.  Once the Team Name is created ALL teams must follow ChattanoogaBrewRuck on Instagram. At each brewery, your TEAM will be responsible for posting a selfie photo with all members of the TEAM included, along with the brewery logo in the background (be creative), and the appropriate #hashtags. This will be used for tracking each TEAM during the event and to prove you were at each location.   

Men will be required to carry 30lbs and women 20lbs of dry weight. This does not include water or food.  All Rucks/Packs WILL be weighed at the start. 

Tasks to be completed may include beer trivia questions, or physical challenges to complete (or possibly both).  For each task that is not completed successfully, it will cost your TEAM time, and time is everything.  Be prepared for anything.  There will be volunteers at each brewery location/s to explain the task and provide instructions. 

Upon completion, all participants will receive their custom Chattanooga Brew Ruck patch and (1) one free Naked Light from Naked River Brewing Co. 

No purchase is required at any of the participating brewery stops to earn your finishers patch, however, it's a great opportunity to sample some great suds.


Required items for all participants: (There will be a gear check)

Appropriate weight: 20 lbs (women),  30lbs (men) -  ruck plates, bricks, sand, rice, etc. 

Rucksack / Backpack

Reflective Ruck Bands (2) -OR- Belts (1) or any reflective belt to be placed on the back of your rucksack / backpack

Headlamp with fully charged batteries

Smartphone fully charged 

External battery (1 per team)

Photo ID and $10 cash (just in case)


Pen (1 per team)

Recommended items for all participants:

Hydration Bladder


One extra pair of socks

boots/shoes in good condition

Dry sack to keep items in ruck/pack dry 

***Any required item/s on the Packing List that a TEAM does NOT have at the start will be issued a penalty.