Mountain Brook, AL 35253, USA
Start Date: 2020-12-31
Type of Activity: Mile, Running

The Birmingham Track Club promotes fitness and a healthy running lifestyle for its members. Part of this involves consistency, and the BTC wants to reward its members for that consistency. So in 2008 the BTC established the 1200 Mile Club Challenge.

How it Works

You keep a training log of all the miles you run. Each month, you receive an email with a link to an online form to submit your total miles for the month. The results will be posted in the BTC Newsletter and continuously updated on this web site so that you may track your progress. Complete at least 1200 miles by the end of the year and you've earned your place in the 1200 Mile Club and you qualify for special BTC rewards.


Participation in the 1200 Mile Club Challenge is free but you must register and you must be a current member of the Birmingham Track Club.


Participants are added to the reporting system at the end of the month during which they register. Register in January, you'll be added at the end of January. Register in February, you'll be added at the end of February. And so on. Regardless of when you register, you will have the opportunity to report miles for all months.