110 E Main St, Riceville, IA 50466, USA
Start Date: 2020-08-22
Type of Activity: Running

A multiple bike route event with a choice of:

-       Two family routes (22 miles round trip, entirely on the WGWL Trail)

-       Intermediate Routes (40 miles or 50 miles, on WGWL Trail and county hard-surface roadways)

-       Advanced Route (56 miles, on WGWL Trail, Shooting Star Trail and county hard-surface roadways)

Want to ride with a group?  Riders can collect and depart at quarter pass the hour between 7 A.M. and 5 P.M.  Riders may also ride as they wish.  Shuttle available upon request.

Family Routes

WGWL Northern Branch Option – Out-and-Back that starts at WGWL Trailhead to Bailey Station and returns.  Heavenly apples refreshments offered at Bailey Station from 2-6 P.M.

WGWL Southern Branch Option – Out-and-Back that starts at WGWL Trailhead to Lylah’s Marsh and returns.  Homemade bars and lemonade offered at Lylah’s Marsh from 2-6 P.M.

Intermediate Routes

An Iowa/Minnesota Route Out-and-Back that starts at WGWL Trailhead to either LeRoy or Adams, Minnesota.  A combination of WGWL Trail and public roadway.

Skilled Route

An Iowa/Minnesota Loop Route that starts and ends at WGWL Trailhead, goes to Minnesota and on the Shooting Star Trail then returns - a combination of WGWL Trail, public roadway and Shooting Star Trail.

$12 to ride | $22 to ride with event apparel

$15  same day registration

Event shirt available if pre-ordered by August 9th for Summer Farewell Border Bike. Check out our Star Wars theme!

Listing of refreshment establishments and map provided a week prior to the Border Bike to all registrants.  Many establishments providing specials to officially banded Border Bike riders, like free coffee or soda pop with a purchase of any kind, etc.

Bike on your own or in a group.  Group departures from the WGWL Trailhead (110 East Main Street Riceville IA 50466) are at the quarter pass the hour from 7 A.M. until 5 P.M.

Proceeds support the existence of the Wapsi-Great Western Line – a linear park preserving the past for the future, giving active people a safe place to run, hike and bike.

See you on the trail in August!