Drummond, MT 59832, USA
Start Date: 2019-05-19

A classic Montana Road Race returns... The Bearmouth Road Race was a longtime favorite springtime race. The course offers opportunities and challenges for racers of various strengths. There are short punchy climbs, one long climb, a fun technical descent and probably some significant wind to contend with. The race will begin in Drummond, MT head west to the Bearmouth Chalet. There is a turn-around at the Bearmouth Chalet and racers will return to Drummond. The route passes through Drummond to Helmville road where racers will begin the climb up to Helmville. Men's and Women's Cat. 4/5 as well as Masters 40+ will turn around at the top of the climb and return to the finish line in Drummond. The Open Men and Open Women will continue to the turn-around in Helmville. 

The Bearmouth Road Race will be the official Montana State Championship Road Race for 2019. The winners of the MEN'S OPEN, WOMEN'S OPEN, MASTER MEN AND MASTER WOMEN'S categories will be given the state champion jersey for Montana! They look really good in my humble opinion...

Men and Women 4/5 and Masters 40+ race 51miles. Open Men and Open Women race 71miles.

Neutral feed zone. There will be a table in Drummond along the side of the road which will have generic screw cap plastic water bottles. Riders may also have have their soigneur specifically hand them their particular feed. This is the only area where riders are allowed to receive handups.

Finish is located on the end of the Frontage Road about .2 miles east of the intersection of where the frontage road meets Sorensen lane, Front Street, and the east bound on ramp to i90. You will see banner flags and/or cones on the side of the road at the finish line.

This race will be a USAC sanctioned race. If you have a USAC Annual license please bring your license. I strongly encourage you to purchase your annual license prior to the event but annual licenses will also be available for purchase on-site. One-day licenses will also be available on-site free of charge. The OPEN category event for men and women is open to all racers who would like to race the 71 mile race. If you are a Cat 4/5 you can do either race. Cat. 4/5 racers will only be scored in the 4/5 race. One-day license holders can also choose to do either the OPEN event or the Cat. 4/5 race.