199 E Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80121, USA
Start Date: 2020-06-27
Type of Activity: Running

Welcome to the 2020 6-28-05 Memorial Workout page. This year is the 15 year anniversary of Operation Red Wings when so many, including Danny Dietz Jr., lost their lives. To honor those that have fallen on that tragic mission please join us for what is shaping up to be an amazing workout event.

We've been doing this event for 15 years now and it has just grown bigger and bigger each year. We fully expect this to be the biggest year yet as we have some awesome giveaways, vendors, sponsors, activities, great key speakers.

Best of all, Littleton Public Stadium is hosting the event this year.
So what are you signing up for? You will be signing up to participate in a workout that honors the date of 6-28-05 that consists of:

  • 6 Exercises
  • 28 Repetitions of each exercise
  • For 5 Rounds

So, what are the exercises? (SUBJECT TO CHANGE BEFORE MAY 1st)

  • Burpees
  • Sit-Ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Ground to Overhead
  • Box Jumps
  • 28 Meter Obstacle Course (yes, an obstacle course)
    Obstacle Course will consist of various walls you jump over and a tall cargo net you climb up and over. If you can't do any of these activities you may bear crawl 28 meters but will have to compete in the modified division.

Open competition Ground to Overhead weight requirements:

  • Rx Male (required to use 45 lb weight)
  • Rx Female (required to use 25 lb weight)
  • Modified Male (may chose weight but no sandbagging!)
  • Modified Female (may choose weight but no sandbagging!)

Still reading? Phew, ok good. Here are some more details before you sign up:

What to expect on event day: 
At approximately 7:00 am 4 high school teams will be competing against each other for high school bragging rights. Then the open competition, what you will sign up for, will start at approximately 9:00 am. Exact times will be emailed before the 30th so be sure to provide a valid email. Once it's your time to go you will go through the workout course until you complete it or decide you are done. Each round will be tracked until you complete 5 rounds at which time your overall time will be recorded via our chipping/timing system.
Course setup: (Coming Soon)
What's included:
A memorial workout t-shirt, a great workout, great time with some active Colorado people, a place to go to show your support for those that lost their lives on 6-28-05, and an event you'll never forget!
Where does your $ go?
All proceeds from this event go directly into the Danny Dietz Foundation to help our youth assistance programs. As always, no money is ever distributed to those that run the foundation or the event. This foundation has a mission and we are 100% serious about directing all energy and funds towards that.

*Event date is on June 27th, not the 28th.

**Want to volunteer? Awesome, thank you, please sign up to volunteer here.